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   Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
Academic Requirements

An M.A. in the mental health field (psychiatry, clinical psychology, individual, couple or family psychotherapy). Under special circumstances, an M.A. in the field of human relations may be considered as an equivalent.


Individual Analysis

Applicants must have personal analysis, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy with a recognized psychotherapist or psychoanalyst before applying for admission.


Clinical Experience

Applicants are expected to have previously done supervised clinical work with a recognized psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and / or Jungian analyst. Applicants with no clinical experience may -as exception- be accepted on a four-year basis.


Admission Process 

Candidates must request an application form from the C. G. Jung Center´s secretary by e-mail, phone call or in person.

The application, accompanied by the corresponding documents, must be handed in to the C. G. Jung Center´s secretary.

After reviewing the documents, the Admissions Committee will interview the candidates meeting all requirements as well as those the Admissions Committee has doubts about. Candidates who do not satisfactorily meet the requirements will be notified.

The applicants’ capacity to join the training will be evaluated taking into account their personal development, academic background and clinical experience. 


Application Interviews 

Once the Admissions Committee has reviewed the applicant’s documents, the applicant will be granted three application interviews with Jungian analysts.


Admission Notification 

Accepted applicants will be informed of their acceptance in writing two weeks after the last interview. They must confirm their entry into the program in writing within the agreed deadline in order to keep their place. The applicants who are not accepted will have a clarification interview.




Requirements during Training

Faculty Members


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