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   Requirements during theTraining Process

Jungian Analysis

Candidates must go through individual analytical treatment, at least twice a week throughout their training.



Throughout their clinical training, the students are required to have continuous individual supervision with a Jungian analyst affiliated at the Center. The students must also cover at least 50 hours of supervision provided by guest Jungian analysts members of the Center’s faculty. This includes 10 hours of individual supervision, 20 hours of pair supervision and 20 hours of group supervision.



Uninterrupted attendance to all weekly classes, internal and external seminars and programmed supervisions is essential.


Intermediate Evaluation 

At the end of the first year, the Academic Committee will carry out an evaluation of the students’ theoretical and clinical work as well as of their participation in order to provide the students with constructive feedback to optimize their learning process. The Academic Committee may request students fulfill special requirements if necessary. If a student is requested to take a temporary or definite leave of absence, the Academic Committee will inform him / her of the reasons


Second Year of Training

Throughout the second year, the students who have complied with all the Program’s requirements must present a theoretical paper and a written clinical report. This will serve as a synthesis of what they learned throughout their training to certify as a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist.


Final Evaluation Interview

In order to be certified as Jungian psychotherapists, the students will be evaluated by members of the Evaluation Committee based on their clinical skills, conceptual capacity and psychological maturity.




Requirements during Training

Faculty Members


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