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   Carl Gustav Jung

“I therefore consider that psychotherapy’s main task is to strive with faithful determination toward individual development as a goal. We will thus be able to emulate nature in her efforts to get each individual to fully manifest his life, since it is not but through the individual that life has meaning.” (C. G. Jung, Collected Works, vol. XVI, para. 229). 













Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961), Swiss psychiatrist, is one of the most significant scientific thinkers of the twentieth century. Apart from his theories on the structure and dynamics of the conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche, his contributions include a detailed theory of psychological types, a systematic analysis of the purpose and meaning of psychological development, as well as  psychological amplification through the knowledge of universal and archetypal images derived from the collective unconscious as it manifests through the psyche.


 This concept provides analytical psychology with an additional dimension regarding the evolution of the human personality in all its personal and cultural expressions. Jung was mostly interested in developing effective therapeutic means: both for the treatment of psychic disturbances and for the psychological development of the individual as a whole.


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