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The academic and clinical training have been designed to provide participants with a broad vision of analytical psychology and its grounding in clinical practice.


The training mainly includes three study areas:


Study Area I - Theory

Studies on Jungian thought through C. G. Jung’s Collected Works as well as through research carried out by other theoreticians and clinicians, both Jungian and psychoanalysts of other schools. Studies on pre-Hispanic mythology and its parallels with mythologies of other cultures. The theoretical aspects will be grounded in clinical illustrations.


Study Area II – Clinical Application

Clinical application of Jungian theory to the practice of psychotherapy with a special emphasis on the reductive and symbolic perspectives.


Study Area III – Ongoing Case Colloquium

Study of the criteria contained in the Center’s Protocol for the Presentation of Clinical Cases. Ongoing group supervision of clinical cases.


Additional Seminars 

In order to deepen their training process, the students have the opportunity to participate in conferences open to the general public and in seminars for professionals in the mental health field given by both local and international Jungian analysts as well as psychoanalysts of other schools through the Center’s video conference system.

The Center’s main commitment throughout the training process is that the students learn the theory and clinical practice of depth psychology in order to thus acquire tools for in-depth knowledge of both the patient’s psyche and his / her own analytical process.



Admission Requirements Requirements during Training

Faculty Members


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