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   About the Center


About the Center

The C. G. Jung Center in Mexico was founded in 1995 in order to introduce and disseminate analytical psychology, its main theories and ideas, based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961).


The C. G. Jung Center in Mexico has three main objectives:


  1. To offer a formal training program in Jungian psychotherapy through classes and seminars addressed to qualified clinicians in different mental health fields. The program mainly focuses on the practical application of Jungian thought through learning and practicing the techniques of Jungian psychotherapy.
    Our training program is structured and directed by an Academic Committee of Jungian analysts, both local and international, with wide training experience in their own institutes.
    Our faculty is constituted by Jungian analysts members of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP). Patrizia Michan, Jungian analyst, directs the Center.

  2. To present theoretical and clinical aspects of Jungian thought to the professional public in the mental health field through seminars and conferences delivered by both international and local Jungian analysts.

  3. To offer the general public seminars and conferences exploring Jungian psychology, also delivered by both international and local Jungian analysts.

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