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    Training Program in Jungian-oriented   


The objective of the Training Program is to develop capacities for the clinical practice of Jungian-oriented psychotherapy. The training includes the development of techniques and knowledge to work with material from the unconscious emerging through symptoms, projections, psychological complexes, dreams, and aspects of the transference-countertransference field.

The basic training program is structured into two years. It is organized in ten blocks of study. Students attend weekly classes and every quarter take a weekend seminar related to the contents of each block. The Centro´s faculty members include international Jungian analysts as well as local psychoanalysts and Jungian analysts.

Throughout each block, highly experienced and prestigious guest Jungian analysts who are members of the Center's faculty, widely acknowledged for their professional practice and training, give a theoretical and clinical seminar related to the contents of each block.


The C. G. Jung Center in Mexico has a videoconference system through which international Jungian analysts give clinical group supervision, classes and seminars.


Those candidates who after a two-year period wish to continue with their training may attend seminars, classes, case colloquia and supervision with Jungian analysts.


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